Detroit Red Wings







Date Opponent Broadcast Faceoff
*Sept 19 Penguins 7:10pm 7:30pm
*Sept 20 Blackhawks 7:10pm 7:30pm
*Sept 23 @ Pittsburgh 2:40pm 3pm
*Sept 25 @ Blackhawks 8:10pm 8:30pm
 Date Opponent Broadcast Faceoff
4-Oct Blue Jackets 7:10pm 7:30pm
7-Oct @ Kings 10:10pm 10:30pm
8-Oct @ Ducks 9:40pm 10pm
11-Oct Maple Leafs 7:10pm 7:30pm
13-Oct @ Bruins 6:40pm 7pm
15-Oct @ Canadiens 7:10pm 7:30pm
18-Oct @ Lightning 7:10pm 7:30pm
20-Oct @ Predators 6:40pm 7pm
22-Oct Hurricanes 7:10pm 7:30pm
24-Oct @ Sabres 7:10pm 7:30pm
26-Oct Jets 7:10pm 7:30pm
28-Oct Stars 4:40pm 5pm
30-Oct @ Blue Jackets 6:40pm 7pm
1-Nov Devils 7:10pm 7:30pm
3-Nov Oilers 6:40pm 7pm
6-Nov Canucks 7:10pm 7:30pm
9-Nov Rangers 7:10pm 7:30pm
10-Nov @ Hurricanes 6:40pm 7:00 PM
13-Nov Coyotes 7:10pm 7:30pm
15-Nov @ Senators 7:10pm 7:30pm
17-Nov @ Devils 12:40pm 1pm
21-Nov Bruins 7:10pm 7:30 PM
23-Nov @ Capitals 3:40pm 4pm
24-Nov Sabres 6:40pm 7pm
28-Nov Blues 6:40pm 7pm
1-Dec @ Bruins 6:40pm 7pm
2-Dec Avalanche 6:40pm 7pm
4-Dec Lightning 7:10pm 7:30pm
6-Dec @ Maple Leafs 6:40pm 7pm
8-Dec Islanders 6:40pm 7pm
10-Dec Kings 7:10pm 7:30pm
11-Dec @ Capitals 6:40pm 7pm
14-Dec Senators 7:10pm 7:30pm
15-Dec @ Islanders 6:40pm 7pm
18-Dec Flyers 6:40pm 7pm
20-Dec Hurricanes 6:40pm 7pm
22-Dec Panthers 1:40pm 2pm
23-Dec @ Maple Leafs 7:10pm 7:30pm
27-Dec @ Penguins 6:40pm 7pm
29-Dec @ Stars 7:40pm 8pm
31-Dec Panthers 7:10pm 7:30pm
2-Jan Flames 6:40pm 7pm
4-Jan Predators 7:10pm 7:30 PM
6-Jan Capitals 4:40pm 5pm
8-Jan Canadiens 7:10pm 7:30pm
11-Jan @ Jets 7:40pm 8pm
12-Jan @ Wild 7:40pm 8pm
15-Jan Ducks 7:10pm 7:30pm
18-Jan @ Flames 8:40pm 9pm
20-Jan @ Canucks 3:40pm 4pm
22-Jan @ Oilers 8:40pm 9pm
1-Feb Maple Leafs 7:10pm 7:30pm
2-Feb @ Senators 6:40pm 7pm
7-Feb Golden Knights 7:10pm 7pm
9-Feb @ Sabres 6:40pm 7:30pm
10-Feb @ Blackhawks 2:40pm 3pm
12-Feb @ Predators 7:40pm 8pm
14-Feb Senators 7:10pm 7:30pm
16-Feb @ Flyers 12:40pm 1pm
17-Feb Flyers 6:40pm 7pm
20-Feb Blackhawks 7:10pm 7:30pm
22-Feb Wild 7:10pm 7:30pm
24-Feb Sharks 2:40pm 3pm
26-Feb Canadiens 7:10pm 7:30pm
2-Mar @ Coyotes 7:40pm 8pm
5-Mar @ Avalanche 8:40pm 9pm
7-Mar Rangers 7:10pm 7:30pm
9-Mar @ Lightning 6:40pm 7pm
10-Mar @ Panthers 4:40pm 5pm
12-Mar @ Canadiens 7:10pm 7:30pm
14-Mar Lightning 7:10pm 7:30pm
16-Mar Islanders 1:40pm 2 PM
19-Mar @ Rangers 6:40pm 7pm
21-Mar @ Blues 7:40pm 8pm
23-Mar Golden Knights 9:40pm 10pm
25-Mar @ Sharks 10:10pm 10:30pm
28-Mar @ Sabres 6:40pm 7pm
29-Mar Devils 7:10pm 7:30pm
31-Mar Bruins 7:10pm 7:30pm
2-Apr Penguins 7:10pm 7:30pm
4-Apr @ Penguins 6:40pm 7pm
6-Apr Sabres 6:40pm 7pm


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